The Druid of Grayland Forest

I honestly never expected this druid to join the party in JADE's Arachnophobia Campaign. I wrote him in as a chance encounter, if the players travelled up the river for an hour. It was perpendicular to their course, and I didn't expect them to ever encounter this fellow, I just wrote it in as a "rare" event, on the off chance that they would surprise me. I do like to reward exploration after all.

Well, of course Elijah's character John Applewood wandered off into the woods as soon as the groupd headed out on the road. After checking his apple trees, and hu nting a deer, he ended up encountering the Druid when he was walking along the river hoping to encounter the party as they crossed. There he found the Druid of Grayland Forest -an acquaintance of his from many years back- fishing in the river. They chatted for some time, until John invited the druid to join him and his party while they feasted on the deer he had caught, and currently had slung across his shoulders. Interested in their quest, and sharing in the bounty of the hunt the Druid agreed, and the two made their way back to the party.

It is currently undecided if the Druid will join the party for any part of their adventure, as after he joined them at their camp we ended the game for the evening. However we hope to have a player character come in next game and give him some motivation. Who knows, it might just be an interesting enough time to come along for a few days.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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