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In the same order that the Poland World Cup Zeugo Figures arrived, we also decided to check out a new company in the Subbuteo world: Total Soccer. I don't know much about the history of the company but it seems they were started in 2008, and are a Spanish Company... Or at least have a headquarters in Spain as that is what it says on the box.

They are however officially sponsored by FIFA and have rights to teams from Football Clubs all over the world. Total soccer is almost identical to Subbuteo but has supposedly updated rules; not that I have ever seen them.

To keep my figures in good shape, much like with my Polish Zeugo Ieam, I also got them a card board team box. However be warned that the Total Soccer figures do not fit as nicely into the slots as Subbuteo and Zeugo figures do. A number of times I have picked up the box only to find the pieces strewn about inside.

That being said the Total Soccer Teams are quite nice, and very unique.

The player minis are only slightly larger than the Subbuteo ones, and are as good, if not better, in terms of detail and paint job. If you are wanting to get a team to show off, Total Soccer Teams are more expensive but look absolutely fantastic! Each team member has detailed and clearly numbered kit, and the bases even have the nation's flag and the country name written in their native language.

For me what makes Total Soccer figures so unique are the bases. Rather than a bowl shape, Total Soccer uses a pill shaped base to gliding across the field. The unique shape of the bases, give each figure a low centre of gravity which makes them stay on the table and difficult to roll and skip as the move.

At first I was afraid that the lower profile on the base would effect handling the ball. I was worried that it would be more difficult to connect with the ball, and that it would result in more wild shots, but I couldn't have been more wrong. The pieces glide straight and move the ball in much the same way.

Total Soccer Pieces weigh about the same as Subbuteo, making them lighter than the Zeugo figures we discussed before but I think they move just as well. So if you want something with a quality figure, base, and will to pay a little bit more then Top Soccer is the way to go.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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