Zeugo Subbuteo Figures

After countless games of frustration with the standard Subbuteo pieces that came with my 2012 Starter Set, the guys and myself had finally had enough. We needed nicer pieces that would actually let us play a game without the figures rolling around.

So I order new bases for my 2012 teams, and tried out a couple new manufactures beyond the standard Subbuteo Brand, hoping to find some tabletop football pieces that we liked, and to get a sense of the market. So, I present the first of the teams that I acquired: Poland's World Cup Team by Zeugo.

As I understand it, Zeugo is considered the cheaper option in the Subbuteo world, but has managed to stick around due to the popularity of their bases; which are a little nicer than your standard figure. Though the box they come in and the over all paint job are not the of the highest quality.

You can see in the picture above that I am keeping this team in one of the old card board team boxes. These boxes lightly hold the figures, and won't scratch or damage the bases like the plastic packaging that they come in. For around $5-$10 a box it is worth the money, and you can get one for almost any team.

As I mentioned breifly above, though they have nice bases the Zeugo figures leave something to be desired. They are larger than their Subbuteo counter parts, and are poorly painted by comparison.  So if want a really good looking team, Zeugo is not the company you want to be looking at. However if you want a solid team for around $15-$20 Zeugo is a great option.

Despite Zeugo's cheap looking figures, the 00 Scale Footballer minis are really just icing on the cake. In reality, Subbuteo is all about the bases. This is the part that will be interacting with the ball and thus I feel should be your most important consideration. To that effect, the Zeugo bases really are awesome. They are a little heavier thatn the standard Subbuteo figures, and their shape seems to stop them from tipping over as much as the standard figures do. It makes them a joy to use, and having accurate game pieces will make it easier to win.

Overall, despite their slap-dash figures, Zeugo table soccer teams are great Subbuteo Figures to play with, and if you must have those nicer figures on top, with some mixing and matching it is possible to mount standard Subbuteo figures on Zeugo bases, allowing you to combine both style and function.

So if you are looking for new Subbueto team, or want a cheap good team to get started, check out a Zeugo team and feel the difference a quality base makes.

Written by: Andrew Gregory.

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