The 15mm Minotaur

Elijah painted an absolutely amazing Minotaur for his Maze of the Minotaur Campaign some time ago. However it was far to gigantic for our 15mm figures. So I did some looking and found this 15mm Minotaur from Ral Partha Europe’s Demon World line.

Though no where near as cool as the old one, he stands a good half centimetre taller than his foes: Robert and Raymond E Howard, which makes him an intimidating figuring, and large enough for boss status.

I quite like this mini, however, as with all of the Demon World miniatures, it really came to life and the details became apparent once painted. I find the Dwmon World Stuff looks quite dull until it gets a slap of paint.

Hopefully the Barbarian brother's will have no problems with their first 15mm encounter... Though rumour has it that this Minotaur is flying a dragon!

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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