The Spot Check with David Corbin, Pinnacle Game Labs

For this Edition of Spot check we checked in with David Corbin, Founder and operator of Pinnacle Game Labs, and creator of the time-saving turn app Fast First. Other apps on the market determine player order using more clunky methods like spinners, and having players put their fingers on the screen allowing a light underneath to randomly choose player one- but these options are limiting.

Corbin was inspired to design an app that would not only be the fastest and most efficient way to determine player one, but could also provide a complete turn order for all players in the game. -something other apps really need to improve on. Using an innovative circle schematic representing players around a table, users can easily choose the option suitable for the number in their game and have a complete turn order established in seconds.

This is what JADE loves to see on the market: creative ways to make gaming even easier for those who love it most. Fast First is available on iTunes, and Pinnacle is soon to be releasing a Name that Game app as well - challenging gaming enthusiasts to put their fandom to the test and name the board game or puzzle based on the subtle clues provided. Check out Pinnacle’s website for more deets on all of Corbin's games and machinations:

Let's learn more about the inner workings of the game lab:

1) Whats your name and where are you based?
David Corbin.  I live on the north edge of metro Atlanta, GA, USA.

2) What got you into game design?
I’ve been writing software and playing games (of various sorts) for 38 years.    To me, game design is just another creative outlet like writing software, or playing an RPG.  Game design (like software design), scratches two itches at one - I get to be creative, but there’s also a lot of analysis to it.  When I discovered the modern table-top game hobby (about 8 years ago), like so many that find it, I dove in head first.  I think being should deep in games, it was inevitable that I try my hand at designing some.

3) What genre of game do you enjoy creating most and why?
I definitely lean towards  light to medium weight Euro-ish games.  To me, an elegant game design has very simple rules, but there’s an emergent complexity to the strategy of playing it.  I’m constantly striving for that type of elegance.  Highly thematic games and heavier Eurogames seem to me to be much more work to design.  There’s just more moving parts, and play tests take that much more time. 

4) What is the biggest challenge you've faced?
Hands down, it’s making a game that stands out. I’ve designed a few games that I’m reasonably proud of, but designing one with enough zing to get be really noticed is a whole lot hard than it looks.

5) What do you have in the works now?
I’m working on a family strategy game - probably my lightest game design ever.  It was my fasted game from idea to playable prototype (36 hours).  Nine months later, I just made a significant change to avoid the “multi-player solitaire” feel, and so it’s pretty much like starting over again.

6) Fave game?

7) Most overrated game?

8) Favourite meme?
Bacon.  You can never have too much bacon.

9) What game character would you be out of any?
I’m always the very thinky rogue.

10) Best alignment?
Chaotic Good

11) Magic or melee?
Whatever the party needs, but melee if I’m solo.

12) Old school or new school?
Very old school

13) Sci-Fi or Fantasy?
Hard Sci-Fi.

14) Most epic win?
I was playing Battlestar Galactica (as a human).  Both the President and Admiral are Cylons and have soft revealed. Two of the three Human Players  are in the brig and we’d only gone half-way. We eventually got both Cylons in the brig with us.  The President escapes, while two humans continue to sit in the brig.  We eventually squeaked out a win. Somehow. I had to do a BGG session write up:

15) In a battle for middle earth where would you be?
Trying to figure out how to win the battle through wits instead of brute force.
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  1. For anyone interested in an Android version of Fast First, I plan on doing a Kickstarter for it in January. You can sign up to be reminded when the Kickstart project starts at