Northern Guard General Purpose Squad

The Planet of Terra Nova has two main nations: the Confederated Northern City States, and the Southern Republic, and Dream Pod 9's Heavy Gear Universe focuses predominantly on those two powers.

The Confederated Norther City States are the good guys in the story, representing a free and Democratic Nation. In most miniatures games, I often go with the standard faction, so when Dave picked NuCoal, I selected the Northern Guard.

The Northern Guard uses many of the standardized parts for their Gears (Robotic Suits) that can be found among armies and Rebels all over Terra Nova.

The Northern Guard, does not have the same technology that the CEF brought to Terra Nova. So, instead of hovering like NuCoal gears, Northern Gears have wheels built into their feet.

While wheels are not as fast or maneuverable as hover jets, they do give the Northern Gears some much needed speed.

What they lack in speed, the Northern Guard makes up for in strength. Their  Gears are more heavily armoured then most, with their standard Hunter Gear having 4 boxes of amour to get through rather than three.

And of course, they have the weapon selection available to all the factions, including the Medium Auto-Cannon, and the mighty Snub Cannon.

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