Elijah's Anthropomorphs

For the first few runs of Elijah's Anthropomorphic Campaign, the only anthropomorphic minis we had were for the player party every other interaction we had was with a monster or NPC Human Miniature. Needless to say it kinda spoiled the mood. I mean the main appeal of the anthropomorphic world is the fact that we are all animals right?

So Elijah, trying to find a cheap way to get a slew of anthropomorphs, found these 15mm miniatures from Splintered Light Miniatures.

It gave him a great selection of both warriors and NPC in a variety of different animal forms, from frogs to beavers and back again.

Despite their small stature, the minis really added something to each scene. We actually felt like we were talking to animals, or battling the dreaded frogs.

I am sure we will encounter them all in the next run of the Anthropomorphic Campaign.

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