Myan the Dwarf Warrior

While exploring the Underdark in the last game of JADE 1st ed AD&D Campaign Hymns of a Vagabond, we came across the town of Gwaren and the Dwarf mercenary Myan. At the end of last game she agreed to help us fight off the Serratic League bounty hunter and was cast out of town with us... And that is all we really know about her.

While her motives for joining us remain a mystery what we do know is that her last employer fell to his death and she found that quite funny, and that she is an avid drinker like Sen. Perhaps not the most trustworthy person to have in the group, but another fighter is always welcome.

With any luck she also knows they way out of this place, as our only guide was killed several games ago.

So hopefully she won't betray us and try to kill us all... Fingers crossed.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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