A New 15mm Giant Spider

As the name might imply, JADE's Arachnophobia campaign features a lot of spiders... Particularly the giant variety. And as my players advanced in level I found myself needing more than the silly 1st ed one that I have.

It has sparked numerous debates around exactly how it walks.
So Remembering that Reaper minis did a bunch of giant spiders, I snagged this one from a set of familiars.

While still proportionally quite odd looking, this guy is certainly better than my 1st ed clone... Though I do love that for its homage.

With this guy however, I really like the number of eyes on top of the creature's head. It gives it a very eerie feeling... Like it is only there to observe you.

A good edition to the spider collection, and I look forward to seeing it on the table top again.

Because of course we have already fought him, as this guy tried to carry off the party's NPC druid to god-knows-where.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

Thankfully they were able to rescue him.

All in a days' work an adventurer

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