JADE's Top Ten Character Sketches

Since JADE started Playing 1st and 2nd Ed AD&D we have been making everyone draw a sketch of their character. Both of our character sheets for these editions have a space for it, so why not use it!

We have probably around a hundred or so characters sheets, but these ten sketches are my personal favourites.

1. Mirosh Ubogh

Artist: Kaila
Character: Lawful Good Half-Orc Fighter

This rough and worn sketch of Kaila's Half-Orc fighter is her first, and only living 1st edition character. A veteran of the Ivershill campaign, she has attained level 4 by spreading good and righteousness everywhere she goes.

2. Husam Ibn Tamir

Player: Elijah
Character: Chaotic Good HUman Sha'ir

For the few or so campaigns that JADE played using the Al-Qadim rules, Elijah played the third son of Tamir, and the twin of Jeff's character. Smaller, but friendlier than his brother, Husam set out into the world with his twin to make a life for themselves, only to get wrapped up in the violent politics of the city.

3. Rumples

Player: Dave
Character: Chaotic Evil Halfling Fighter

For those that follow the #characteroftheday on Twitter, they will know that every time I roll a Chaotic Evil Halfling Fighter, I call him Rumples. This is in honour of Dave's hilarious character he used in a game of Ivershill that came to a disastrous end.

4. Grunt

Player: Elijah
Character:Lawful Evil Half-Orc Fighter

In a run of Ivershill, Elijah chose to be this sorry looking fellow: the rather unintelligent and ugly Grunt. Though skilled with an axe, Grunt's hideous appearance has made it difficult for him to get anywhere in life.

5. Hunfridus Godwin

Player: Dave
Character: Lawful Good Human Preist

This character comes from our experimentation with the various character kits in 2nd edition. Dave chose to try out a Pacifist Priest kit... Which meant that the RPG violence loving Dave would have to think about things a little differently. Well, When Elijah forced him into a situation

6. Enceladus Carf

Player: Nikki
Character: Chaotic Neutral Gnome Thief

For her first D&D character Nikki decided to be a slightly crazed older gnome, who doesn't put up with any bullshit. I love the crazy eyes.

7. Hyanda

Player: Jeff
Character: Lawful Evil Elf Assassin

Jeff's favourite class in 1st edition AD&D in the Assassin, however, JEff is not much of an artist. So when I told him I didn't care what he drew as long as he drew something... Well I got what I asked for I guess!

8. Arthur Cross

Player: Andrew
Character: Lawful Good Human Fighter

In the same campaign that Hunfridus Godwin is in, I play this character Arthur Cross. Due to some misfortune in the first game that befell the party, Arthur chooses not to reveal his face. I am not much of an artist myself. but this guy looks at least a little like the mini for him.

9. Sir Aaron Cormac

Player: Elijah
Character: Lawful Good Human Paladin

One of my favourites is Elijah Human Paladin from the Impossible Campaign. A slightly disturbed fellow, not worthy of the title Paladin, Sir Aaron Cormac came to a violent from a missed placed fireball.

10. Onix Fretel

Player: Wesley
Character: Neutral Evil Elf Fighter

And this is of course what happens when you let a professional artist and animator sketch their character. This is Wesley's Elf from one of the many rounds of Ivershill. He had a decent amount of time to finish this guy while I helped other's get their characters ready, but it did not take him that long.

And those are what I think are the 10 best character sketches. Which one is your favourite?

And be sure to check soon for The 10 Runner Up Character Sketches.

Written by: Andrew Gregory
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