The Space Suits

What Sci-fi RPG would complete with the ability to go outside the spaceship?

External repairs, boarding actions, Zero-G combat, hostile enviroments, there are simply too many opportunities when you need a space suit!

To accommodate this need, I grabbed these six minis from RAFM and 15mm CO to fit the roll.

I made sure I had a couple of Lady Suits as well as suits for guys, to ensure a good mix in our space adventures. This suit I painted in very standard colours to represent more of an NPC than anything else.

Of course I had to have a matching NPC suit for a guy.  Despite the fact that the helmet is open, I think it gets the point across.

Perhaps my favourite space suit, I imagine her as an Assassin, or thief of some skill. Some one you definitely don't want to run into in the darkness of space.

To make sure we could tell our Player's space suits apart from our NPC's, I got three matching space suits with a couple variations. This one is holding a rifle.

This one has a pistol. Because you never know what weapon you will need in space.

And of course a suit without a gun... Because you don't always need a gun.
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