15mm Twistneed on Horse Back

At the end of his first run in Ivershill, Twistneed the Frigid came away with a horse. For a long time I looked for a suitable mini, and let me tell you: there is not a lot of selection in the 15mm "Barbarian on Horse" category.

There are knights in shining armour, samurai, Mongolian horsemen, even goblin wolf riders, but I could not find a single barbarian riding a horse with a sword. It seemed hopeless.

Until I found this guy from Splintered Light Miniatures. He is part of their cave men collection and is usually wielding a stone axe. However, a bit of patch work and the sword from a lesser mini severed to give this guy the kit he needed. there was only one problem... Twistneed didn't have a bear skin cloak... So how was he going to get one?

To remedy this and to give him a proper introduction to the world, I have planned a small introduction to the world of Hymns of a Vagabond. There he will help a village being plagued by a monstrous bear.

I assume that is a challenge worthy of the lone barbarian, and who knows... He meet even get a bear skin riding cloak as a thank you.

Written by: Andrew Gregory

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