Cobblepot's Big Score Game 4

Game Master: Elijah
Game Edition: D&D 5
Players: Jeff, Andrew, Dave
Starting Level: 5
Current Level:5

Quote of the Evening:
"Aww man! We missed Zingo the Amazing!"


Last time in Cobblepot's big Score our party of adventurers: Sharky the Anthropomorphic Shark Monk (Andrew), Legion, the Psychically Linked Sorcerer Turtles (Dave), Xiaojing He the Red Panda Wizard (Sarah) and their stalwart Leader, the Criminal Master mind, bard and penguin, Cobblepot, had just rescued the steward from his mysterious hooded captors in the dungeon.

They had managed to bring him to the kitchens, where servants had taken him to his rooms. Before he left he had told the players to come and see him and he would offer them the hospitalities of the castle.

It was the perfect position for the group of thieves to be in. With the Prince and his mysterious item arriving in a few days, They would need access to the castle, and what better way to have leave of the place then to befriend its maintainer.

The plan for the day was to ingratiate themselves with the steward, and to remove the head chef, and replace him with their own master chef Xiaojing He.

It was all coming together.
There was only one snag in the plan. Sarah couldn't make it to that game, and Xiaojing He would have to float around with us.

Scene 1 The Castle's Kitchen.

As the Steward was takien from the room, the castle's kitchen returned to its frenzied activities, leaving the party standing in awe. A brief search of the kitchen revealed nothing appetizing for Sharky, but gave Cobblepot a chance to establish some authority.

Or at least as much authority as this guy
could command.

Cobblepot walked around the kitchen inspecting things as if he owned the place. When he was met with protests and complaints for the annoyed sous chefs and line cooks, he simply shrugged them off, and told them to speak to the head chef.

The Kitchen staffed told him that the head chef was asleep, and until then they were to leave the kitchen. Cobblepot was about to mouth off when Sharky interrupted him. He suggested that they go and see the steward.

Cobblepot thought that the man might be asleep, but Sharky figured the shock of his ordeal might make sleep difficult for the steward to sleep. Cobblepot shrugged, hopped up on Sharky's Shoulders and they went to leave with Xiaojing in toe.

As they left, Sharky looked over at legion to see if he was coming. With a big grin on all four of their faces, and a wink and OK sign from one of them, Legion cast an invisibility spell. Sharky knew he was up to his old tricks again and moved on.

See ya!

Scene 2 The Steward's Favour.

In the hall Cobblepot and Sharky realized they had no idea where the steward's quarters were. They stopped the first servant they saw and asked directions. The rodent was scared stiff of Sharky's stature and toothy grin, and only managed to stammer a few words asking who they were.

That is one uncomfortable looking mouse
Angered by the servants insolence, Cobblepot threatened him and demanded he show them to the steward's quarters. With a gulp the servant acquiesced.

Through hallways and corridors, up stairs cases and through doors the servant took them. Sharky and Cobblepot watched carefully as the scenery melted pass them, each knowing the need to have a mental map of the castle for quick escape.

The Servant presented them to the Steward's door and was about to leave when Cobblepot stopped him and asked him his name. The rodent was shaking in his boots when he answered "Harold". Sharky smiled a big toothy grin as the little servant, hastily made his retreat.

Sharky's entry for Harold on the Allies and
Organizations section of his Character sheet.
Cobblepot approached the door and gave it a knock with his flipper. A Mole opened the door, introducing himself as the steward's butler, and asked what they wanted. Cobblepot began to tell him that the steward had invited them when he was interrupted by the steward himself inviting them inside.

The steward thanked them for rescuing him, and offered them food, a bath and a stay in the castle. Cobblepot graciously accepted the gift, and made an offer of his own.

He told the steward that he had found the kitchens in complete disarray.
As he said this, Legion who had been hiding down in the kitchen this whole time, began casting minor illusions. He caused small pranks  all over the kitchen, spiders in the eggs, flour bags exploding just the usual chaos.

as the kitchens fell to mayhem, Cobblepot was telling the steward how he had acquired the finest chef in the land and would like her to lead the kitchens for the feast. The penguin then presented Xiaojing to the steward, but he looked uncomfortable with the request. He explained that the head chef was sent by the Prince's steward himself, and that they would have to take it up with him.

Cobblepot thanked him and then the steward summoned a servant to take the group to their rooms.

Scene 3 Dealing with the Head Chef.

After Being shown to the rooms, and a bath. Sharky was restless. The servants had been unable to bring him any meat, since the kitchens had been thrown into disarray. Frustrated, Sharky decided it was time to get to work: step 1. remove the head chef.

Sharky left his room and crossed the hall to where Cobblepot slept. He knocked loudly on the door, and Cobblepot grumpily answered demanding to know what he wanted.

Not sure how he is gonna fit through the door
Sharky suggested that they find the head chef and deal with him now. Cobblepot agreed and they went off looking for him.

Not knowing where to look, they began knocking on doors and asking. only one person responded, pointing them a chamber just down the hall.

Cobblepot and Sharky found the door to the room locked. With a swift punch from Sharky the latch burst from the door, allowing their egress.

Inside they found the room dark. No one was inside, except there was a form under the covers on the bed. Cobblepot walked over, and pulled back the blanket, revealing the dying Head chef.

Not wasting any time Cobblepot ordered Sharky to break the Chef's neck, and then stuff him in the closet. Cobblepot never once questioned who had actually murdered the head chef or why, he simply saw it is another task off his check list.

Like this, but cuter.
Wanting to tie up all loose ends, Cobblepot and Sharky returned to the chambers with the servant who had given them directions. They found four individuals inside. Cobblepot had Sharky Slaughter them all.

And sharks will attack anything.
With the deed done, the two left the room and returned to their quarters, where they waited an hour, to see if any guards would come. None did.

Scene 4 Taking Control of the Kitchen. A Rest.

Deciding the time was right to assume control of the kitchen, Cobblepot used his Forgery Skill to whip up some papers from the head chef and the Prince himself. The forgery claimed that the head chef had taken ill, and named the Cobblepot catering to be chef in his stead.

With note in hand, Cobblepot and Sharky left their rooms to find Xiaojing. She had been put in a room just up the hall, and was very excited at the news that she would be taking over the kitchens.

The trio headed down to the kitchens. At this point they were truly in disarray. Between Legions pranks, and the lack of leadership things were looking grim.

With a powerful charisma check, Xiaojing sprung into action and commandeered the kitchen. She organized the chefs, and began calling out orders. Soon the kitchens were back on track a running in an orderly manor.

Truly a commanding presence
Pleased with the scenario, Cobblepot gave Xiaojing the forged document claiming their legitimacy and then went  for a rest. Legion decided to sleep in the cupboard, and was left alone when Xiaojing found him.

They would continue their plotting tomorrow.

Scene 5 Sharky Runs the Kitchen. The Astonishing Brothers.

It was not a restful night for any one. When they awoke, Sharky, met Cobblepot in his room, and the two ordered their breakfast.

Legion awoke in the kitchen and wandered off in search of his colleagues. Despite having never been to the chambers, he found them waiting for their breakfast, and planning their day.

The festival had started and Cobblepot was looking through the schedule of events that crocodile Daryl had prepared for them. And it was here that the quote of the evening was uttered.

As Cobblepot realized they had over slept and missed the act he wanted to se he cried out:

"Aww man! We missed Zingo the Amazing!"

Cobblepot and Legion sighed heavily, But Sharky paid it no mind. he felt that they should go secure there place with the steward. Cobblepot told Sharky that they would be back and that he should go check on the kitchen in the mean time.

Cobblepot agreed that Sharky should go and check on the kitchens while he and Legion went to see the Astonishing Brothers.

Part of Legion wanted to go with Sharky. The kitchens
were a fun place
Sharky went down to the kitchen and found it is disarray. Xiaojing had gone to bed, and one of the sous-chefs was desperately trying to keep the kitchen together.

Sharky stepped in and tried to take command, only to be challenged by the sous chef, Sharky pointed to the Forged note that Xioajing had posted on the wall during her shift, relinquishing command of the kitchen to the Cobblepot Catering Company. After a brief scuffle, Sharky managed to convince the guards to remove the chef, and they were taken from the kitchen.

Sluggishly, Sharky got the kitchen under control. But no one was happy about it.

I really need to borrow Elijah's animal minis. That just
                                  looks ridiculous.
Meanwhile Cobblepot and Legion had gone to the festival. They planned on seeing the astonishing brothers, but arrived early. So they decided to peruse the market, with the hope of learning what the Prince's mysterious item might be.

After consulting with several jewellers, it was apparent none of them knew what the Prince's object was. It appeared to be a dead end, but at least it seemed to confirm that the mysterious item was not a piece of jewellery.

Cobblepot and Legion then went to see the Astonishing Brothers and needless to say, they were astonished. After going and getting their autographs, they returned to the castle and found Sharky in the Kitchen.

Scene 6 Legitimizing Power. A Terrible Mistake.

Cobblepot had one of the chefs go and find Xiaojing, to take over the kitchen, while he, Sharky and Legion attended to more private business.

The plan was to ingratiate themselves with the steward, and now that they were running the kitchen, Cobblepot was sure that they would become fast friends.

Well... Things didn't go as planned. The Butler would not allow them entry, claiming that the steward was sleeping. Legion tried to help  the situation, by casting a Charm spell, but rolled a 1. He lost control of his spell and teleported into the steward's chambers startling him.

Startled, the steward panicked and ran to his bell to signal the guards. He gave it a loud ring. This was when things started to go really wrong.

Cobblepot then panicked, and ordered Sharky to push the butler into the room. Sharky complied as Cobblepot shut the door behind them and locked it. He then told Sharky to kill the steward.

Legion and Cobblepot made short work of the butler while Sharky broke the steward's neck. In an attempt to get rid of the evidence Cobblepot tried to get Sharky to swallow the steward whole, but he was only able to fit half of in!

Turns out you can't actually fit in a shark like this.
 Especially when the shark has legs.
Sharky bit off the steward's legs just as the guards came pounding at the door. Thinking Quickly, Cobblepot lead them out onto the roof, and shut the window behind them.

Scene 7 Running From the Guards

Running onto the roof lost the guards for the meantime, and Cobblepot lead the group to a window.

Sharky punched his way in, and set off a carefully placed alarm. Surpised, the party fled from the room, but Sharky forgot the Steward's legs in the room!

Not having the time to return, the party carefully walked out of the living quarters and returned to the kitchen.

No Guards stopped them. They were safe... For now.

Scene 8 Back in the Kitchens. Hiding Evidence. An  Encounter with the Guards.

With Xiaojing at the helm, the kitchen was running smoothly when Cobblepot and his party arrived. Not knowing what else to do, Cobblepot began overseeing the kitchens as Legion played and tried to speed things up with some charming illusions. No one was impressed.

And we all thought it was a great idea!
In the back corner, Sharky was not feeling well. The other half of the steward was fighting back, and in the end he was sick in a barrel. To hide the evidence, he took the barrel to the slop pile and buried it. Hopefully no one noticed... but Sharky wasn't exactly inconspicuous, being a giant shark and all.

It is hard being a sneaky shark.
Sharky returned to the Kitchen, to find Cobblepot and Legion growing restless. They wanted to explore the castle, and locate where the item might be held. So they started searching through the catacombs underneath the kitchen for anything interested.

While they were down there, a patrol of guards stopped them, stating they were to be questioned involving the disappearance of the steward. The party quickly dealt with them and then ran as quickly as they could to the next chamber to lay low. Legion was hopeful that those were the only guards who suspected them of murder... Cobblepot and Legion were not so sure.

While they were hiding in the room, they had a strange occurrence. There was a window down there that seemed to glow with an unnatural light. Before the party could investigate, none other then the Prince's steward (The man in charge of this castle's now deceased steward) burst into the room with several Royal guards and demanded to know who they were.

Cobblepot explained that they were the catering company. Strangely the Steward accepted their explanation, and then escorted them back to the kitchen.

And that was where we left off for the evening.


Overall I would say that Game 4 was a step backwards for the party. But hopefully we can get it back on track!

We are in the castle... For now. But we need to find out where the prince is keeping his mysterious item and what it is for that matter, before we get thrown out, arrested, or worse.

Can we stay alive long enough to get the treasure, or will we find ourselves in the castle dungeon?

Find out next game!
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