Elementia Game 3

Game Master: Jeff
Game Edition: D&D 3.5
Players: Andrew, Dave, Elijah
Starting Level: 1 

Quote of the evening:
"I've gotta whale of a tale to tell you lads,
I've gotta whale of a tale or two!
About the flappin' fish, and the girl's I've Loved
About night's like this with the moon above!
I've gotta whale of a tale and it's all true,
I swear by my tattoo!"


After running around in the last game and accomplishing almost nothing, Jeff was prepared to set us back on track.

Mäaar (Dave) and Ghar (Elijah) were resting at Mäaar's camp, while Cyrano de Bergerac (Andrew) was having some trouble. He had been kidnapped by dark bards, and had barricaded himself in his room. Why did they take him, and what did the dark bards have in store for Cyrano?One thing was for certain, the plan to kidnap the queen was off.

I had no idea what Jeff had in store for me, and by the end, I wasn't much wiser.

Scene 1 A Meeting With the Dark Bards.

Cyrano awoke from his slumber unharmed. The barricade of furniture he had placed around the door in Elementia Game 2 had held, but seeing it was his only way out, he quickly began to dismantle his blockade, and then tried the door: It wasn't locked.

Slowly Cyrano turned to the doorknob and opened the door; it squeaked loudly on it's hinges, but no one came running. Crouching, Cyrano crept out the door. A thin hallway with a railing that overlooked the floor below wrapped around the square building's second floor. There were a couple doors around the hall  and Cyrano slowly made his way towards one of them and tried the handle; this door was locked. Feeling that his bard friends were already watching his every move, Cyrano stood up, clapped his hands and headed towards a stair case that lead to the first level.

On the ground floor, several dark Bards, were sitting around a large wooden table. One of them asked Cyrano to sit, and graciously he acquiesced, nervously shifting his eyes among the four dark bards as he sat down.

The Dark Bards blackmailed Cyrano. They told him that they knew he killed the captain in Elementia Game 1, and that they would tell the authorities unless Cyrano did something for them; they wanted him to murder the sheriff in the low tiers. Not wanting to leave empty handed, Cyrano convinced them to pay him 250gp for expenses; 100 of which he was given up front.  Pleased with his success, he then excused himself and almost walked out the door, but before he left he felt a sharp blow on the back of his head and everything went black again.

He awoke several hours later in a gutter in a back alley. Luckily no one had robbed him, and the Dark Bards let him keep his gold.

Cyrano needed to tell his companions about the threats and the change of plans. Using Bardic knowledge he learned of a messaging system Genaya used involving ravens. It was long shot, but Cyrano found that the man had worked with Mäaar in the past, and he was able to send a message. It read:

"Plans have changed. In trouble. Need to meet."

Scene 2 The Refugee Camp.

Mäaar's camp was less the military camp he made it out to be and more a refugee camp. The elderly, and children made up much of the population, leaving only a handful who could actually fight if the need arose.

The two had received healing from a cleric that Mäaar had rescued some time ago, and were waiting around the camp. As Mäaar was resting in his tent, Ghar was busy talking of the coming fire beasts with the elves. They were sympathetic to his cause, and a scribe began to copy the note he had with him so that they may warn all of the elves. Ghar was relieved that he had finally found someone who would listen to him.

Around noon, a raven arrived bearing Cyrano's message and one of the elves brought it to Mäaar. He responded telling Cyrano to him to meet them at Ghar's wrecked ship as soon as he could.

With that Gahr and Mäaar each took a horse and rode towards the beach. Ghar had considered bringing the cart with him, but in the end he decided the elves needed it more an delft it with them to help around the camp.

Meanwhile in Genaya, Cyrano had been waiting by the aviary for a response, and saw the raven bearing Mäaar's message return. The clerk gave him the note, and he rushed towards the beach as quickly as he could.

Scene 3 Ghar's Ship.

The weather had not been kind to Ghar's ship. The wreck had been stripped by the wind and waves, leaving little more then a battered shell; it's remains scattered about the shore.

Cyrano arrived about a half hour after Ghar and Mäaar did, and found them hiding inside. He told them that the Bards were blackmailing him, and that they needed to murder a sheriff.

Mäaar was always willing to kill more humans and agreed without a second thought. However, Ghar needed some convincing. Cyrano pointed out that the guards were rather corrupt and that the humans in the city didn't seem willing to help him with his task, so maybe removing them from power was the best thing to do? It was a fickle argument, but the Barbarian agreed and the three started to discuss the best way to go about murdering the sheriff.

As the plans were growing more convoluted; such as the plan to to take the Sheriff's place, a group of passing guards interrupted the creative flow. They were talking about how more fire breathing men, like the one in Elementia Game 2 were preparing to attack, and that they were preparing to close the city down. Hearing this, Cyrano, Mäaar and Ghar leaped from behind the ship wreck, and attacked the guards killing them easily. The fewer gaurds the better at this point.

With that, their lives as criminals began.

Scene 4 The Gate.

Ghar and Mäaar were concerned that the guards would try to stop them from entering the city. However, Cyrano thought that it would be fine, telling the group to follow him. With some hesitation Ghar and Mäaar followed Cyrano as he marched off towards the gate.

Several guards stood out front, and were stopping peasants as they tried to pass through. While they were harassing one of these poor people, Mäaar used the opportunity to slip in unseen arranging to meet Ghar and Cyrano on the other side.

Ghar was a little nervous as he and Cyrano approached the guards, but Cyrano brandished the contract to solve the murder they had gotten from the guards in Elementia Game 2 and explained they needed to get back into the city to solve it. The murder was still unsovled, and the guards let the two of them enter the lower tier of Genaya.

Scene 5 Shantese.

Before planning the easiest way to deal with the sheriff, the three agreed that a base camp was necessary. They needed a place to hide and rest for at least for a little while.

A small sea side tavern called Shantese provided the perfect spot. Cyrano was able to win the the bartender over by rolling a 20 on his performance roll. Hence where our quote of the evening comes from, which is of course the song Ned sings in Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Cyrano played his song and had the whole tavern dancing and singing along.

The owner was so thrilled with the performance that he offered free room and board to Cyrano and his two companions, on the condition that Cyrano play for them every night. With a firm handshake Cyrano sealed the deal, and then ate a well deserved meal with Mäaar and Ghar. They each ordered the fugu, the most expensive item on the menu. This proved to be a mistake for Cyrano as it upset his stomach and he ended up soiling his breeches. Luckily one of the patrons was kind enough to trade pants with Cyrano. It would seem Shantese was a strange place.

Just as Cyrano finished buckling his belt, a loud boom echoed around the lower tier.

Scene 6 The Fight in the Market. The Doom of the Sheriff.

The three rushed out into the streets and asked the nearest panicing bystander what had happened. He told them that there was a battle happening between the sheriff's men and the fire breathers in the market. It was the opportunity they were looking for.

They ran into the market and found the Sheriff standing among rubble. Dead guards and townsfolk lay strewn across the grown. At first the party only saw five guards standing with the Sheriff, but as the smoke cleared a damaged steam walker became visible. A battle had just raged here.

Wasting no time a bellowing a mighty cry, Ghar ran into battle with Cyrano following behind him. Mäaar set up behind some rocks, and a new battle began.

Ghar smashed through a guard and fought the steam walker which was still a powerful foe, even in its damaged state. Cyrano fought with a guard and eventually fought the steam walker's operator. Mäaar killed three of the guards with arrows and even killed the Sheriff himself.  It seemed the day was won, but an explosion of flame proved them wrong.

One of the fire breathing men rushed towards Ghar, erupting with flames and striking him with violent and fiery force. Ghar and the creature fought for some time until Ghar's axe split the man in two.

With the battle won and the sound of guards approaching from all sides, the party looked for their nearest avenue of escape and rushed towards it. As they were leaving, a man who was hiding behind some rocks jumped out and asked them to take him with them. Ghar grabbed the man with one arm the four ran out of the market heading towards Shantese.

Scene 7 The Barracks. The Way to Shantese.

Every way they tried to escape form the market they found barricaded by men and steam walkers. It seemed there was only one way to get back to Shantese: cut through the guards barracks. So stuck between a rock and a hard place, the party approached the barracks' door and the two men that guarded it.

Cyrano was able to convince them to let them in, and then through either Cyrano's slick tongue or Ghar's intimidating stature, they were able to talk their way through the entire barracks, ending up on the street on the other side.

As quick as they could, our heroes headed towards Shantese, questioning the man the brought with them along the way. He said he was an alchemist, but wouldn't tell them anything else, claiming it wasn't safe here.

Seeing the man's concern, Cyrano snatched a sailors cap off a passing man and put it on the alchemist's head. He explained that the four of them would act like drunken sailors on their way to Shantese for a good time. That shouldn't attract too much attention.

Everyone played the part well, and although two guards eyed the alchemist as they passed, all four of them made it to Shantese without incident.

Scene 8 A Victory Party Cut Short.

Back at Shantese Cyrano was greeted with a cheer, and he began to play the patrons another song. Ghar and Mäaar took a seat in the back, and the drinking and merriment went into the night.

After Cyrano finished playing, he sat down with his fellows for drink, and laugh. However his good mood was ruined when he spotted one of the dark bards standing in a corner, starring right at him. Cyrano approached him and told him the deed was done. The dark bard smiled and then pointed at Cyrano announcing to the room that this was Cyrano de Bergerac, the man who killed the captain in the kings camp!

Guards stood up from the tables and drew their swords. It was a Trap!


Jeff left us with that cliff hanger of an ending! I planned to have Cyrano try to talk his way out of it, but if things went south we could only hope the guards hadn't noticed Ghar and Mäaar in the back corner.

The dark bards were proving to be of some trouble, but we still had no idea who they were. One thing was for certain, they cannot be trusted.

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